Hairstyle Kim Taehyung Dynamite Look
. Bts singer v aka kim taehyung is trying his best to hide his new hairstyle. While some drew comparisons of v with a disney prince, others deemed the look to be powerful. - V-BTS ...… – V-BTS … from

The color even stands out more in this look where he dons a light blue oversized shirt paired with short jeans and a pair of nike sb dunk ben & jerry's sneakers. V's distinctly milk tea hair color. info taehyung extends his own record as the first and only asian solo artist to have 2 songs (sweet night and inner child) to reached *85 #1's on itunes.

Uwu (full) this hair is my fav!

I'm so happy i got a use for all my pics of tae on my laptop, yay! Well, he definitely owns it. While a section of fans are super impressed with jungkook's new man bun look, other section of netizens on social media feels they really miss the cute look of jungkook when he. Photo by katch beauty lounge