Laid Edges Hairstyle
. Welcome back my loves and hello beautiful to my new viewers. When it comes to hair, though, some naturalistas consider their baby hairs to be the finishing touch.

Easy Flat Twisted DOUBLE PUFFS + LAID EDGES Hairstyle ...
Easy Flat Twisted DOUBLE PUFFS + LAID EDGES Hairstyle … from

Until recently, middle part hairstyles have never been part of how i style my hair. It doesn't really matter how long you're going to grow your top hair out, as a pompadour or as a long fringe. 5 women share how they lay their edges.

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This is very important because it will keep your edges. Hairstyles with designed, styled edges are a great way to create a hairstyle that fits you and your personality. Because i have ultra thick, curly hair and i thought a middle part would look ridiculous on me. Giving volume and texture, the layers starting from around the ears and trickling down will accentuate all hair types.