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. The character of xolile (wife to romeo medupe) on e.tv scandal, played by sivenathi mabuye, has had really good development over the last couple of months. Made a string of new additions to the cast after kgomotso christopher took a leave of absence from the soapie indefinitely.since then, cindy mahlangu and sandile mahlangu made their debut while tv star nolo seabi also joined scandal!

Hairstyles Xolile Scandal
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How old is xolile from scandal. The pressure of her secret forces sheila to take action. A new 'relationship' is staged for an audience of one.

Just like pompadour and undercut, you leave a mass of hair on the top and lower all sides.

5 things you need to know about scandals sive mabuya xolile langa. She has become a household name thanks to her e.tv scandal role that she doing an amazing job with. You are just blessed to okay such a role on scandal. Xolile gets a little closer to the truth and chumani struggles with the idea representing the langas.